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From the sea to the table

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The Gulf Stream and the great depth that the coasts of Tenerife reach have allowed its inhabitants to feed and live thanks to the generosity of the sea. Today things have not changed. Viejas, sardines, samas, chernes, abadejos, meros, cabrillas, chicharros, continue showing up on the tables of the canaries. It is up to you to choose whether to buy them in the fish markets or to taste them fresh in one of the thousands of restaurants overlooking the Atlantic that populate our coastline.

List of fishermen's guilds of Tenerife


▪︎ C.P. El Pris Nuestra Señora del Carmen
> El Pris, Tacoronte

▪︎ C.P. Gran Poder de Dios
> Puerto de la Cruz

▪︎ C.P. de la Punta
> Punta del Hidalgo

▪︎ C.P. San Andrés
> San Andrés, Santa Cruz de Tenerife

▪︎ C.P. La cofradía del mar 
> Garachico


▪︎ C.P. Nuestra Señora de Candelaria
> Candelaria

▪︎ C.P. La cofradía de Caletilla
> Caletilla

▪︎ C.P. San Miguel de Tajao
> Tajao

▪︎ C.P. Bar Cofradía
> Playa San Juan

▪︎ C.P. Nuestra Señora de las Mercedes
> Los Cristianos