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The geographical singularities of the island, together with the privileged climatic conditions, give rise to a great variety of wines. We are talking about 10 different appellations of origin, an extremely important part of the island's cultural heritage. That is why visits to the wineries are so attractive to get to know all the production processes, to understand how the characteristics of the soil influence the elaboration of the wines, and of course to taste them and appreciate their flavour and aroma.

List of awarded wineries


▪︎ Brumas de Ayosa
Fruty white wine
> Bodega Comarcal Valle de Güímar

▪︎ Arautava blanco
Dry white wine
> Bodegas El Penitente

▪︎ Testamento fermentado en barrica
> Bodegas Cumbre de Abona


▪︎ Los Tableros
Red wine barrel
> Bodega Mencey de Chasna

▪︎ Marba
Red wine barrel
> Bodegas Marba

▪︎ Atlante
Red wine aging
> Bodega Quinta de San Antonio