La Fortaleza

The path of la Fortaleza (The Fortress) is a very simple walking route through the Teide National Park. It is an excellent walk to do with children, as most of the time it runs flat and does not present any difficulty.

Barranco del Infierno

You must request prior written permission through the official website.

Paisaje lunar

Hidden in the middle of a light green pine forest is one of the most important natural secrets of the south of Tenerife: the white moon landscape of Vilaflor. The power of atmospheric elements gave life, 500,000 years ago, to a dreamlike landscape of white pumice cones, reminiscent of sand castles when we were children. February is the ideal month for this trail. The almond trees are in full bloom and dye part of the route with beautiful shades of white and pink.

Pico del Teide

Pre-authorization must be requested in writing through the official website

Montaña Chinyero

This circular route begins in the municipality of Santiago del Teide, surrounds the Chinyero volcano and crosses the town of Las Manchas. The walk is extended in a unique landscape enclave, thanks to the contrast generated by the green of the forest crown and the remains of ash and lava that lie on the ground since 1909, date of the last eruption of the volcano. If the weather is good, you can even see the island of La Gomera on the horizon.

Malpaís de Güímar

Malpaís de Güímar is a special natural reserve of great ecological importance which was declared a protected area in 1987. The region's temperate climate makes it a wonderful habitat for a large number of endemic species. This unique volcanic landscape, stretching from Montaña Grande to the coast, is an ideal spectacle to watch with children who love to be in contact with wild nature and are accustomed to walking abrupt trails.

La Caldera

Beautiful circular path that crosses the Caldera below "the organs", a set of basaltic rocks with a very peculiar shape reminiscent of this musical instrument. It is a very simple and well-signalled route (PR-TF 35), which we recommend especially in a holiday with children.

Barranco de Ruíz

Intermediate route that passes through the Ruíz ravine and ends in San Juan de la Rambla, one of the most beautiful coastal towns in the north of the island. The path presents some difficulty only in the initial stretch where the slope is very steep. The rest of the time it runs along wide and comfortable roads, even paved.

Sendero de los Sentidos (Path of the senses)

From the Cruz del Carmen car park there are 3 short routes known as El Sendero de los Sentidos (The Path of the Senses) that run along an old royal road that in the past linked the villages of Anaga with San Cristóbal de La Laguna. Each of the trails offer different experiences to awaken your senses, such as smell and touch, and allow you to discover the Canarian laurel forest formations, common only in the Macaronesian area, dating back to the Tertiary period.


These two paths that we suggest start in the hamlet of Afur. Both are perfectly signposted and start at the village parking lot. The first one simply arrives at Tamadite beach, while the long one continues until reaching Taganana and then returns to the starting point. The scenery is very beautiful and at the end of the ravine there is a small stream that, in the rainy season, creates small waterfalls and natural pools, some large enough to bathe and cool down during the walk.


The path on some stretches is easy to miss, pay close attention and use GPS whenever you can.

Faro de Anaga (Chamorga)

If it has rained, we recommend that you do the route in the opposite direction. The climb is harder, but safer.

Bosque Encantado (El Pijaral)

You must obtain prior authorization through this link. 


The entire route is done under the shade of the majestic Teide, walking among canary pines and pyroclasts of different sizes. The trail is very well signposted and is an excellent alternative if you want to enjoy a landscape unique in its kind and without the tourist crowds that usually invade the area of Cañadas del Teide.